Marketing Offerings offers a range of digital advertising solutions. Among these solutions that can be tailored to your needs are:

  • Web-site advertising in various formats,
  • Content marketing,
  • Tailored solutions that combine the above solutions to custom-fit a campaign to meet your specific marketing goals.


Content Marketing Approach

The team understands the landscape of simulation and optimization industry and can support you in a promotion of your products and solutions. Our engineering background and process knowledge allow us to produce engineering analysis and practical demonstration materials and produce stories based on the found solutions to show our readers the most important value for them.


Contact us to let us know your needs and to ask for an offer:

Market Served

The end-use market we would serve includes the classically defined process industries—chemicals, oil and gas, food, paper, plastics, metals, and textiles—as well as power generation and water/wastewater utilities. Engineering design firms and simulation software providers, which play an increasingly important role in the process industries’ capital spending decisions, will also be represented.