MATLAB Version R2017b is Available R2017b Delivers New Features in MATLAB and Simulink

MATLAB Version R2017b is Available

New MATLAB R2017b version delivers new features in MATLAB and Simulink, six new products, and updates to all other products: Text Analytics Toolbox, GPU Coder, LTE HDL Toolbox, Simulink Requirements, Simulink Check and Simulink Coverage.

Highlights include:

Deep Learning: 

  • Use of DAG and LSTM networks, label images with an app, perform semantic segmentation, and generate CUDA code for NVIDIA GPUs.

With just a few lines of MATLAB® code, you can build deep learning models and use features;

  • ability to run deployed models up to 7x faster than TensorFlow and up to 4.5x faster than Caffe2.
  • Easily access the latest models, including GoogLeNet, VGG-16, VGG-19, AlexNet, and ResNet-50.
  • Use NVIDIA GPUs for your GPU programming: Accelerate training using multiple GPUs, the cloud, or clusters.
  • Use functions and tools to visualize intermediate results and debug deep learning models.
  • Automate ground-truth labeling using apps.
  • Work with models from Caffe and TensorFlow-Keras

Data Analytics

  • Text analytics, customized datastore, more big data plots and algorithms for machine learning, and Microsoft Azure blob storage support.
  • More big data plots and algorithms for machine learning

Real-Time Software Modeling

  • Model scheduling effects and implementation of pluggable components for software environments.

Verification and Validation

• New tools for requirements modeling, test coverage analysis, and compliance checking.


New MATLAB version is available for download. A trial version is also available for download.