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Heat exchangers - basics for efficient heat integration

Heat exchangers - basics for efficient heat integration Introduction to modeling of heat exchangers

If you are just a beginner in process simulation with the aim to get perspective on modeling of heat exchangers, a process engineer involved with energy efficiency project looking to find out more information about the calculation details, or you are involved with operational problems of your plant and would like to gain more information and be able to analyse and solve operational problem, this article might give you some insights on how to approach the heat exchanger analysis.

Process simulation in process design

Process simulation in process design Overview of practical design problems that can be solved with process simulation

Process design is an activity that brings the industrial process from idea to reality! Before the process design can be started, the problem must be formulated and goals of the product defined. After this step is done, further activity goes to analysis and the definition of the process flowsheet that will be constructed. Sometimes, the design goal might be to make a choice whether to build a new process or to reconstruct the existing one.